The Organization


WHO is WHO Awards is an organization dedicated to identifying and recognizing exceptional individuals, organizations, and businesses across Nigeria. Through their programs and initiatives, they aim to highlight the achievements of those who have made a significant impact and inspire others to reach new heights.

The Event


Who is Who Awards, which started in 2003 is an initiative aimed at identifying and celebrating Nigerians from home and the Diaspora, who have contributed meaningfully to the development of society. It honours men and women from all works of life, who have used their callings and positions to promote a better society with recipients being nominated by ordinary Nigerians through voting.

Who is Who Awards is non-political and has no intentions of giving awards for monetary benefits. The awards ceremony is held in different  state in Nigeria.

The award believes that by awarding the best, we would have encouraged the rest to raise their products quality and service delivery to humanity, unlike many other awards that recognized only top political and corporate leaders in society, the ‘Who is Who’ seeks to honour Nigerians of all class and status. We recognize, empower and publicize mechanics, carpenters, caterers and other unsung heroes in Nigeria

As we gather at the Who Is Who Awards, we are reminded that true excellence knows no limitations. This prestigious platform not only honours exceptional individuals but also inspires all to reach for the stars and make a lasting impact on the world

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  • Rubel Rana

In a world where mediocrity often prevails, the [Who Is Who Awards] stand tall as a beacon of excellence. It celebrates the pioneers and pioneers-to-be, serving as a reminder that our collective pursuit of greatness shapes a better tomorrow.

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  • Sam Kasuwa